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IRS Forms

Form 1099-DIV
Form 1099-DIV shows all taxable dividend and capital gain distributions paid to your mutual fund accounts. The dividends and capital gains shown on the form are taxable regardless of whether they are reinvested in additional fund shares or distributed in cash.

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Form 1099-B
Form 1099-B reports all proceeds from sales and exchange transactions for your non-money market mutual fund shares, as well as any federal income tax withheld. 

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Form 5498
Any retirement plan participant who has made a plan or account contribution during the previous year will receive Form 5498. PNC Funds IRA contributions are accepted through April 15th of the following year. If your contribution total changes as the result of an additional contribution being made by that date, an updated Form 5498 will be issued. 

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Form 1099-R
If you receive a distribution from an PNC retirement plan or retirement account, you also will receive Form 1099-R. It discloses both full and partial retirement distributions and any taxable amounts. If you have more than one retirement account with a distribution, you will receive a Form 1099-R for each account. Direct rollovers from qualified plans or IRAs also are reported on this form.

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Form 1099-INT
Form 1099-INT is used to report tax-exempt interest dividends.  It discloses all tax-exempt interest dividends paid to you by a fund during the year.  Form 1099-INT may also be used to disclose any federal income tax withheld (backup withholding) or specified private activity bond interest, if applicable.

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Attention: The Internal Revenue Service also receives copies of these forms.